American Thanksgiving

Today is American Thanksgiving (the Canadian holiday being October 8th, this past year). Today has also just been a really good day, and I decided to come up with a list of things I’m thankful for. This is by no means exhaustive!

  • A husband who is taking time out of his already-busy week to practice tabla, and sit with our Indian music teacher once a week for about 30 minutes to learn more.
  • A very generous set of in-laws (mother, father, aunt, uncle and so on!), who help get me sewing machines so I can do projects, and go to language school, and equip our kitchen, and…
  • The facility for languages that mean I can speak three of them interchangeably during a conversation, and have a few more in my metaphorical back pocket.
  • My mother who sends me USPS boxes full of Stuff. (And no, Alice isn’t here as of this morning!)
  • Friends that feed me food I can’t always identify, but is without fail delicious. And then they talk about using me as their giant dress-up doll “because you’d look so goooooood dressed like” whatever.
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