Winter Holidays: A General Update Plus PHOTOS!

We’re back, the house is still standing (and the cracks have only gotten a little bigger), and trying to put the apartment to rights. More than anything, we’re excited by the fact that there is construction going on outside to repair (read: rebuild) the wall!

Adam and I had an amazing vacation – it was almost one of those that you need a vacation from, with all the sightseeing, friend-visiting, and other keeping busy. We started our holiday with ten days on Saba, returned to Toronto for a night and then up to Miners’ Bay for family Christmas, then back to Toronto.

Saba was an… interesting trip. We did a lot of diving (16 dives including 2 night dives), saw sharks on about 14 of those 16 dives, and had the chance to see where Adam’s sister has been going to medical school and meeting some of her friends. We learned some interesting tidbits about Saba, including the fact that there are guppies in the water cisterns – those help eat some waste that gets in, as well as the mosquito  larvae. If there are mosquitos around, someone’s guppies need to be checked!

We were up twice to Miners’ Bay, once for Christmas and another time just to go up to the cottage. I got to go snowshoeing – my very first time, and I didn’t fall flat on my face! I was expecting to do that, but managed not to. I didn’t get to go cross-country skiing though (one of the things I do remember doing with my father and enjoying); it’s on my to-do list for the future, as is tracking down someone with sled dogs and learning to mush. We received many generous gifts, and I got a pair of down slippers that mean my feet are not going to turn into icicles. There was a fair amount of snow (about 6-8″) at the cottage when we were there in January, but with warming weather the paths turned to ice and the snow started to melt, and it rained on the last day we were up.

Most of our vacation in Toronto was a mix of going out and staying in. We saw a lot of friends, including catching up with two students of Adam’s; we also had a friend from Minnesota fly up to visit us (she had been a student teacher at Woodstock in the autumn term of 2011). Two of our friends are moving to California (husband got a job with Google!) so we were very lucky to have caught up with them when we did. Adam also ate sushi, which is an experience going down into the history books (and, of course, leave it to him to like the salmon and tuna okay – but prefer the eel!).

We went to the ROM and the AGO, seeing the dinosaur exhibit at the ROM, and both the Diego & Frieda exhibit at the AGO as well as the Evan Penny exhibit, which had been extended. We didn’t get to the zoo; that will have to be saved for the next trip. We also made an unexpected trip to the MUSEUM in Kitchener, which is well worth a visit: a family museum, and right now they have an exhibit of rock carvings from Dazu, China.


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