We’re back – and vacation on the brain already.

The first days of classes are done – including three days of monotonous downpours (last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were nothing but rain!). This is a good thing – we’re a little less likely to have forest fires in April, May and June; we’re also a little less likely to see water rationing crop up on campus. It’s happened the past few years, and hasn’t generally been a big deal except in dorms (water is turned off for certain portions of the day). The weather’s also on a slight warming trend, so the frigid nights of winter are almost over – I hope! It doesn’t help that Adam came down with a hundred degree fever on Thursday.

Classes resume today for me twofold: tutoring staff spouses in English before lunch, and then Hindi at Landour Language School after lunch. Adam’s Hindi classes will resume this week as well, so we will see how things proceed. We also have to remember to ensure we have all our tax information ready for next month, as well as getting Adam’s Hindi lessons reimbursed before we get our travel booked for quarter break!  We’re also waiting on the final reimbursements for some medical bills from last year that we’ve been assured will be paid… it’s simply a matter of when.

In fine Woodstock tradition, we’ve already planned out our summer holiday (Egypt, Jordan and Turkey!) – but we’re hammering out ideas for quarter break, which falls this year in early April. We have three places we’re considering right now:

  • Srinagar, Kashmir
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra (Bombay)
  • Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand (right next door!).

All of them will be cost equivalent – a jeep safari will run between Rs3500-7000, and usually you do two a day (one in the morning, one in the evening); Rs7000 is also slightly less than airfare to Mumbai for one person, and is about Rs3000 less than flying to Srinagar. We could leave Friday and overnight in the park, and safari on Saturday twice in the more expensive sections of the park (the Rs7000 ones), and then Sunday in the cheaper (Rs3500) sections… but that’s not even factored the hotel in. I’ve emailed some staffers and friends to see where they recommend staying. One day with two of the expensive safaris would be the equivalent in airfare for both us to fly to Mumbai, but wouldn’t get both of us to Srinagar… so it’s a very sticky set of running numbers.

Of course – there’s also the idea of staying home. We’re not extremely keen on it (we want to get linoleum laid in the main room, plus have the walls repaired and the main room repainted)… but it would save us money, and give us more for the summer holiday.

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