Things you don’t share: Strep Throat

Adam is indomitable – until he gets strep throat. Which is precisely what happened this week, throwing a spanner into our schedule (including me sticking around at home for a couple of days to take care of him, and make sure he took his meds)… we’re pending my test results now. It did give him a chance to do some advance planning for classes, as well as for me to put some projects in order and get started on other things. While he starts a film club at the school sometime soon, I’ll be working with a friend on a knitting club. We’re going to focus on making baby hats, booties and jumpers to donate to Landour Community Hospital (LCH), as very few of the women who are pregnant and deliver there are sent home with anything – and the new OB/GYN wants to see that change.

We also managed to finish watching “The West Wing”, an American political drama that ran until 2006. It’s taken us several months to get through all 7 seasons, but we’ve finished, and loved it. It’s a show that handles a lot of interesting political issues – and still has bearing on relevant questions for political issues today. I’m not sure what we’ll start watching next – we tend to like crime dramas (Castle, Criminal Minds, and Person of Interest), but I’m thinking that “Fringe” might be our next option, since it requires use of the brain to follow, rather than some kind of mindlessness.

Hindi classes are moving swimmingly for me; they’re trying to convince me to take the exams (which I really see no need for), but I’m officially at the intermediate stage, which isn’t so bad for 4 months. Evidently my pronunciation is fine – when I told my teacher that’s what I wanted to work on, she told me there was no need. Adam’s Hindi classes will resume on Wednesday, as long as he’s feeling  better – fingers crossed.

The weather has generally been pretty good: it’s warming nicely, and we’ve had rain over this past weekend, and earlier in the month. Rain is critical for the farmers, as well as for making sure we don’t suffer a major drought in April, May and June before monsoon comes. We’ve had water rationing the past couple of years, and I would be ecstatic if that wasn’t necessary this year.

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