Notes On Hotel Booking

While waiting for our bus to Amman, we’ve been chatting with the owner of the hotel we’re at. We were talking about hotels and booking agencies/third parties, and here are some interesting tidbits that came out of the conversation…

  •’s first page of listings is done by commission. Automatically they receive a 15% commission – but to increase in the first-listed rankings, you can offer more of a commission and bump up. Accordingly, search by rating or by price for a less biased search.
  • and take their commission as that 10% deposit – the hotel gets none of it. Subsequently, check and see if a hotel has their own website, as prices may be the same (or cheaper) on the hotel’s site and it means they’ll get more – or may be able to offer you a cheaper price.
  • takes all the customer’s money first, and pays the hotel at the end of the month. Any problems with Agoda have to be addressed with Agoda rather than the hotel. As an aside, Adam and I have heard a few horror stories about Agoda, so we’d suggest avoiding them.

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