Smoke… not on the water.

I’ve been holding off on further updates while Adam has been trying to write one, but since he’s just had about 74 essays turned in for marking – I think all bets are off, now!

So… now that we’re back in Mussoorie, and school has been in for 4 weeks, we have a fairly good idea of how things are going. We came home to a great paint job on our house — just unexpectedly the *whole* house, rather than the one room we’d asked for. This caused some unfortunate accidental damage, since we hadn’t anticipated this, and hadn’t prepared. One of the victims is my laptop, which is currently in Dehradun receiving repairs. We finally got the house straightened up and most of the worst of the mould cleaned up – when, during the first chapel of the year (which I, as is my wont, stayed home during)… our fuse box started smoking. Profusely.

We then dealt with a blown fuse box, and while it was repaired the next day, it’s been 9 days since and there is still the smell of bitter, burned plastic in the air around the entry and in our living room. The giant spiders are here (as always), but we’ve avoided scorpions in the house, and have yet to encounter a leech… so all’s well that way. However, we have not been nearly so fortunate with monkeys; a friend and I were accosted by them about three weeks back, and it came to blows – literally – with my friend clubbing one in the head with his umbrella before we fled.

Adam is teaching all of the Grade 10 English classes this year (IGCSE) as well as the first try at a Media Studies class. He is also serving as Student Activities Committee (SAC) Coordinator – their adult warm body – and is running a Strategy and Games club as part of the PASSAGE program. Meanwhile, I’m continuing with Hindi, helping tutor Mandarin, and I’m the supervising warm body for the ballet club. Adam’s Media Studies class is going well; it’s a small number of students, but it’s designed as a senior-level class and is definitely requiring the students to think and engage with ideas, rather than just watch movies or TV shows… I’m curious to see how it goes, and I hope it does well and gets approved for next year.

As of this past Sunday, we have 4 new girls on the hillside: two staff couples had daughters (one 3 weeks early), and another couple got to bring their adopted daughters home. We’re all very excited – and for those of us who knit, it’s proving to be a productive experience. Lots of time to knit new projects, since we have two newborns /and/ two toddlers to knit for! I’m trying to clean out my yarn cupboard at least a little bit, so I can ask for some of my yarn stash in Canada to make its way out here in the winter. Knitting things for babies and toddlers is gratifying, since the projects are usually done so fast! There are also an additional three, possibly four, women pregnant on campus right now — so this baby boom (including a boy born in April) isn’t over yet!

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