We’re not dead, I swear. Really. 

There has been a heck of a lot going around – and on – these days. 

1) Chicken pox has started floating around campus. We *almost* had it quashed until a student decided to skip out of quarantine and to Goal-A-Thon, after which our Health Centre Coordinator (justifiably) ordered him back into quarantine. He has subsequently received a disciplinary action for breaking quarantine. This brief escape, however, was just enough to apparently set a small second wave going, as on Monday 4 students were admitted to the Health Care Centre (HCC) with chicken pox. One of whom decided in his great and boundless Grade 11 wisdom to show *all the other rooms* in his dorm what chicken pox looked like. While he was infectious. So – I’m stuck at home indefinitely as we see what next wave happens, given as chicken pox is both airborne and has a 10-21 day incubation period. 

Normally this would not be an issue – however, I’ve had the vaccine, but never had chicken pox, nor been confirmed for immunity. So it’s home, until this is squared away. Which means at least next Wednesday unless I snap early and go into school.

 2) We have finally hired an ayah, Asa. She has come twice this week and is amazing. Dusted, did dishes, swept the floor, washed our washing machine (…), and various other things. Once we get the house properly in order, it should be much easier to maintain come November and after. She goes a little a lot beyond what I’d normally do (e.g. dusting Adam’s guitar case, reorganizing my yarn), but is supremely helpful. I am still a little awkward on how to interact with her, but she’s proving both a good practice for me to use my Hindi, and an incentive to keep tidying up. 

3) Monsoon is not yet over. We all had hopes – ferns are dying everywhere, the trees becoming more tree-like and not simply globs of green… however, there’s a thunderstorm rumbling outside, and rain on the tin roof. I can’t wait for monsoon to be over and the autumn to set in, if only because it allows for a much-needed change of pace! Monsoon is predicted to withdraw between 15 Sept-1 Oct, but it may be a week or so after that. We just would like for it to be over. This has impacted us in a lot of ways, particularly in the fact that the house is now experiencing an influx of FastSpiders (particularly long-legged and quick ones), and just about everything grows mould on it no matter how hard we try to keep it away.

 4) Adam took on the role of Student Activities Coordinator (SAC) liaison, which is keeping him more busy than if he was doing a second PASSAGE activity. Combine that with marking and teaching the entirety of the grade 10 English classes plus his Media Studies class (which is small – but sounds like the students are having fun!), and he has very little free time. He pulls 9-5 days and then comes home and marks for a couple of hours, except for the days that are 9-6 or so, and the weekend activities, and so on. It’s certainly not “oh, woe is us!” but it’s a definite adjustment from last year’s schedule, and with the extracurricular activities tossed in on top of it, we’re having to figure out the best way to adjust our schedules and planning around things.

5) Woodstock is looking at some interesting campus planning initiatives and plans over the next few years, and we’ve gone to one of the planning meetings. We’re excited about some of the discussed improvements, and recognize there are a lot of changes and planning that has to go into things. Even if we’re only here another 2 years, being able to help get things rolling for benefitting the school for another 10, 20 or 30+ makes us happy.

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