Best Laid Plans…

Best laid plans, and all that — here, Adam and I had a goal of a post every two weeks for sure… and yet it’s been at least three weeks since our (my!) last post. He’s been working on some, but the school schedule and various other things – including lack of electricity, at points! – has set us all off-kilter.

Quarter break starts on Tuesday after classes are finished for the day, and we’re, and looking forward to that as we’ve a friend coming to visit and we’ll be traveling around. This first quarter has been a rush; our Health Centre has been kept busy with flu, strep throat, and the general selection of ailments common to schools; students are already focusing on after break and the exams that will eat up May, and April… well. April’s almost here, isn’t it? One more day! That’s all study-time for exams, and end of the term is early June. This first semester has run by faster than we could believe.

Adam and Asha and I will be heading back to Canada and America this summer, and look to have an exceedingly busy schedule with two countries (and two different states, at a minimum, in the US). Asha has proven herself a solid traveller, so we’re less concerned about how she’ll handle that, and more about whether we’ll actually have a vacation or not! There’s one thing to be said for seeing friends and family, but I’m really looking forward to not having a trip which is every night, a new bed to sleep in!

Asha is still tiny – and by “tiny”, we mean 3rd percentile. She’s hitting her milestones on time or early, and is proportionate, so the doctor’s not concerned – but he has given the okay for us to start giving her rice cereal and other small nibbles to help pack on the pounds. We were a bit chagrined when the upstairs neighbour’s 6 week old weighs the same as her – but at least it means her clothes are lasting longer, now? Her hair is definitely going auburn, as well – there’s no denying it. Her eyes remain blue, however… so we’ll see just how many recessive genes bundled themselves together in the years to come!

One Comment on “Best Laid Plans…

  1. Can’t wait to see Asha again but I guess it will have to wait till you get back. Have fun! See some tigers for us.

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