Asha: 6 Months Later…

Adam and I have successfully kept a human alive for six months! We are rather proud of the feat – and we’ve had a fair amount of assistance in doing it, too. I didn’t get a baby shower, but I have more than made up for it with the gifts we’ve been given and the community support; it’s how Asha has a very nice playpen, Rock-n-Play, clothes (… Christie, I’m serious about painting Elvis on that black velvet bodysuit!), and various other things. We had lots of people bring us food in the first month, and continue to offer support and kindness in the months that followed.

asha-win mumby
Asha’s bedtime is around 7:30-8:30pm, and she wakes up around 6:30am every day, though there’s often some quiet independent play before she starts making her demands known. She’s on to solids with a marked vehemence: no food is safe from her. And no drink, either: Asha has figured out that adult cups have better stuff in them than hers, so she will reach for (and try to drink) anything in a cup. Water, tea, black coffee, sangria, you name it. Woe to anyone who refuses her food, too: that is simply something up with which she will not put. That’s how she’s had keema, hummus, scrambled eggs, and oatmeal in the space of two weeks: if you’ve got it, why can’t *I* have it!?!?

We recently introduced a toothbrush as part of her bedtime routine, and she absolutely loves it: she puts it in her mouth, holding it in a deathgrip in her hand, chews on it and moves it around just like the grown-ups do. She will also attempt to steal my Kindle, use the computer with anyone else using it, and enjoys classic rock (AC/DC among others), jazz, and Bollywood music… she is very much a child of her own culture!



She has travelled through South India, to Agra and Delhi, gone on safari in 3 national parks (and has seen no tigers -hah!), and slept through trumpeting, charging elephants and jet engines on tarmac… but she will /not/ tolerate loud crowd-noise at basketball games! Her favourite toys are a koala from Auntie Ash and Uncle Owen, and the Chimera (… it’s not a zebra, not really, no matter what the tag says) from a student’s father. She seems to have attached herself to the colour orange… which was both Adam’s and my favourite colour at one point or another.

It’s been 6 months where we’ve waved farewell to sleeping in (now, that’s 7:00am!), a predictable schedule, and being able to eat a meal with both hands free. But it’s been worthwhile.

Except for the current phase where she likes to shove her hand in your mouth and support herself by holding onto your teeth. I’m ready for that one to be over.

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