Summer Days Are Here Again!

Leave it to Mussoorie: monsoon is moving slowly, and scheduled to start in early to mid-July, where we are… naturally, just as soon as we get back from our summer break! The realistic start of summer is March, here – but my brain still thinks of ‘summer break’ rather than ‘monsoon break’, which would be a more accurate term. This break is always a time of mixed emotions: no work for Adam and relaxed schedules all around, but also a lot of missing students and friends, and considerations for the semester to come.

The end of this school year has been a particularly tough one for Adam and I. We’ve completed two contracts and subsequently have seen many people leave that joined when we did, or after we did. A year or so ago, we talked about the struggles with extending ourselves emotionally to new people, when every year someone we cared for left. There is a challenge in making yourself emotionally available (particularly when you know it will be a painful parting), and we started to consider ‘why bother’… but we’re very glad we still do it anyway, as every year brings new faces, and new relationships, and we’re still in touch (though perhaps not as often as we’d like) with the people we miss and care for.

(William and Merideth, Matt and Meg, Jesse and Sachi, Ashlea and Owen – among others – I’m looking at you!)

We also had the tough time of saying farewell to the Grade 12 students, for whom Adam and I served as advisers. In some cases, Adam had taught these students in grades 9-12; it was more than one graduation card/’invitation’ that notified us we had become a student’s Woodstock family. While I have missed other students who left, some of this year’s departures were particularly poignant because of duration, not only amount of connection. We are very much looking forward to seeing some of these students in the future: some are going to universities/colleges in the USA and Canada near to places we travel regularly.

Killuminati, Pantheon... one name or the other. We love you either way.

Congratulations, Class of 2014!

Now, Adam and I are in the USA for travel, having flown Delhi -> London -> Toronto, had a brief layover (2 days) before heading onwards to the US leg of our travel. We’ve got our ayah taking care of our house while we’re gone, and will be gone for barely over 4 weeks – if monsoon is truly as dallying as predicted, we may not see much mould damage before we return. We’ll just have to be ready for the downpours – and then moving straight into the staff professional development week, and classes in short order.

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