Four Year Anniversary — What!?!

Four years. Four crazy, busy years – most of them spent in India. Adam and I count our wedding anniversaries on different days (mine is June 24th when I got my wedding – jeans, t-shirt and paperwork! – and Adam counts it on July 24th, which was the church wedding at Miners Bay), but it’s now been four years either way you count. We’ve had our share of arguments but we’ve also had a baby,  made more than a dozen international flights, and visited more foreign countries than years we’ve been married*.

In the past four years, Adam…

  • started eating vegetables (eggplant, avocado, carrots…)
  • lost over 20kgs
  • rode a horse around the Giza Plateau
  • preached at a local church as a guest speaker


  • still managed to avoid eating mac’n cheese at all costs.
  • read over 800 books
  • had a suntan dark enough it lasted a full 12 months (thanks, Egypt!)
  • had a kid. Which is a pretty big thing for her.


It has been a very busy four years, but we look forward to continuing to see what else the future brings!


* Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, England, India, and technically the Netherlands when we visited Saba!

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