So You Want To Move To Woodstock: What We Bring Back

Having recently had a home leave back west, here’s an idea of the things we brought back with us (and are, generally, what are on our ‘restock’ lists when we do come back). Adam said that he thinks – out of all of our home leaves/trips – this is the happiest he’s been with what we brought back. We frequently find we are maxed out on weight before we are on space, and this trip was no exception – and with that in mind, I suggest bringing at least one sturdy hard-sided suitcase for transporting anything delicate, and duffel bags for the rest.

  • Clothing: Stretchy knits, athletic/quick-dry/wicking fabric, jeans, and undergarments.
  • Food: Beef jerky, cured meats (pepperoni – wanted to bring prosciutto but didn’t get to), tea, assorted spices and mixes (Adobo seasoning, Montreal steak spice, etc.); also some particular pans for baking.
  • Toys: Yarn, board games, guitar strings, new pieces of technology (computer, new headphones), and things for Asha – a KidCo GoPod, some books, and various other bits and bobs.
  • Other: Coloured file folders for Adam, a waterproof lighter (screw-on lid, great for monsoon & lighting the bukhari!), Tide pens, index card storage box.

Many people were extremely generous with gifts for Asha and we elected to leave some items behind – generally clothing for 12-18+ months – as we’ll have visitors coming in November who can help bring them out, and we also anticipate being back this winter. A is also on the smaller side for her age, so unless she has a big growth spurt, we’ll be able to wiggle another 90 days out of her 12-month clothes, if we’re unable to get those in November.

Despite all the things we purchased or were given, there are certain items we wanted to pick up but were unable to, and we have not been able to find to our satisfaction in India:

  • suit hangers (i.e. the wide-shouldered hangers)
  • rain boots/gumboots and other apparently seasonal clothing (longer-sleeved women’s and children’s shirts)

We’ve over-brought and under-brought over the past few years, but this is the trip that we were most satisfied with. We filled up all our bags by weight, if not space!

One Comment on “So You Want To Move To Woodstock: What We Bring Back

  1. Yes, yes to the beef jerky and pepperoni! I love your list … we also found ourselves bringing undergarments each trip back … not terribly exciting but necessary!

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