New Semester

The new semester has gone off with remarkably few hitches – I’ve been doing some volunteer work around campus, which means the wee one has gone off into daycare and is getting on splendidly with everyone there. Adam’s classes are mostly well-behaved, and both of our PASSAGE activities are going well. About our only complaint is that this year, he’s at school til 6pm or later Monday, Tuesday and Friday (and some Wednesdays).

There have been a lot of positive changes for Woodstock this semester, including (but not limited to)…

  • A new executive chef, which means a larger variety (and somewhat better flavours!) to the food.
  • Ensuring fresh fruit is available for students all day long. This, in the senior school, is a giant bowl of fruit near The Office (and I have availed myself of a few apples so far…)
  • Chapel being changed to Wednesdays, which means that there will be slightly more freedom on some weekends (rather than a weekend, perhaps, full of the extra duties, e.g. chaperoning a dance, having SMD to supervise, then going to church on Sunday morning and chapel in the afternoon or evening as well).
  • “The Office” itself – there being one main focal point of contact for maintenance requests, supply requests, etc. staffed by people from the Junior School and Senior School, as well as being the main location for the assistant to the Director of Student Services.
  • A major push to virtual learning environments, including a media server to share educational videos and data, access to Google Classroom, and similar products.

These kinds of changes are exactly the kinds of changes to see for consistent growth and development – albeit some of them take some getting used to!


Asha’s had the biggest shake-up in her little world: daycare! She’s started getting to go fairly regularly, and to play with the rest of the Woodstock Class of 2032. We love it because she does get her 3+ hours of Hindi a day, and playtime with children both older and younger than her, as well as focused attention (sometimes it’s 1:1, at most 2:5, but both are very reasonable ratios!) and learning she can be cared for and supported by other people than just her at-home slaves. We’ve brought in a few toys for her, and will probably take them home soon and switch a few new things in for everyone to share. Adam and I are pretty certain she is ready to teethe again – she is definitely ready to walk, even if she does not want to crawl more than an army-crawl style!

This year Adam will be going on the Har-Ki-Doon trek for Activity Week, which is exciting; it will be the first time he will actually know all of the students he’s traveling with! 2010 we didn’t go; 2011 & 2013 he went with the Grade 7’s to Dehradun, and 2012 he went with Grade 9’s back to one of the villages behind Mussoorie. 2013 we had been invited (and were the original chaperones) for the Goa diving/snorkeling trip, but elected against that in the event Asha showed up much earlier than anticipated. It means he will be gone for pretty much an entire week – so party at our place while he’s gone!

This semester will be busy nonetheless, with that trip in October (plus hopefully getting to see some of the Class of 1969 when they visit – we met some in Toronto this summer), Activity Week (our plans still TBD), and then family coming out to visit in November, and end-of-term fairly early in December. August was still very much a matter of settling in – and September is going to be the only uninterrupted month, at least in terms of vacations and visitors… at least as far as we know!


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