Woodstock Wednesday

Adam an I have decided to take a bit more of a move towards upping the ‘Woodstock quotient’ of the blog. So on Wednesdays, when we can, we (read: I) will be putting up something Woodstock related.



The back ramp from Woodstock onto Tehri Road.

Monday rained. A lot. We had a nice monsoon downpour, and I waited until there was a ‘break’ (read: it got a bit gentler, not going sideways) to walk home with Asha. I had neglected to take into account that the back gate, while the closest exit from campus towards South Hill, has a lot of drainage work to do for this side of campus, and maybe was a bit overworked. 

Jeans were soaked to the knee by the time I got home… but my boots and feet were dry!

Adam came home at 6pm. After the rain had stopped.

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