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This blog is, more than anything else, a family-update blog. I splurged to buy us a domain name, but I have no sponsorship or giveways or anything that tends to characterize the blogs targeted to bigger audiences. At the same time, I know people who are not just friends and family that find our blog. We don’t have a “niche”, except maybe it’ll develop into raising a global nomad as well as our travel adventures. Here are some blogs in that vein – expat life, raising global nomads, and travel – more specifically, where they cross over (in all but one case).

Mud Hut Mama appears to be less regularly updated now, and I’m sad about that – and the fact that I only discovered the blog after the fact! She is a blogger who used to live on a wildlife reserve in Malawi with her two young daughters. It is an interesting read – a mix of life in very rural Africa, wildlife and conservation education, and a few other topics along the way.

Twelve Countries in Twelve Months is run by a couple traveling around the world with their young son, Carter. I’m following this for a few reasons, among them the fact that Adam and I would also like to take a year to travel around the world with Asha… albeit not til she’s a fair bit older!

Expatria, Baby (a note: there appears to have been a hack to her blog – when I’m writing this, it’s a lone post in Japanese. That’s not the norm!) I have followed on and off for a few years. I’m not always fond of her writing style and I’m also not really enthusiastic about the idea of all of the photos of her kids – and that’s one reason our photos of A here are so few and far between, it’s just not our style – but I appreciate her different viewpoint and the places she’s lived (China, Japan, Indonesia). I also admire the fact that she posts virtually, and would like to figure out how to do that, in some lifetime.

The Nomadic Family I have also followed on and off; a husband, wife and their three children take their time journeying around the world. They traveled not for a year, not for two – but for over three! (38 months), and visited sixteen countries. Reading through the archives is well worth it, particularly in order to see how they managed this feat – financially, as well as continuing to educate their children.

The Art of Simple Travel Run by the Tsh Oxenreider from “The Art of Simple”, this is her family’s blog as they make a world travel jaunt. They’ve recently started their trip, and it’s been a great read so far – I am, in fact, taking notes!

A Dangerous Business is updated by a young woman who travels around the world on both long and short term trips. She’s started from “working and saving extra money” to slowly being able to make a living at travel blogging, and her trips are always interesting!

If anyone has other recommendations, I’d love to see them!

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