A New Project: Baby Hats for LCH

We’ve got a new project (I’m looping Adam in on this too, since he’s given me half the tech ideas/blog suggestions for it). The hospital Asha was born at, Landour Community Hospital, has about sixty (60!) babies born every month. The ob/gyn there tries to make sure that every baby gets a chance to go home with a hat, but it’s not always possible – there seems to be a perpetual short supply. We need over 500 (540, to be precise) hats for LCH to have enough for every predicted baby through 31 December. This is going to be a tough number to get to, but my goal is to have the doctor saying “Aaah! Where do I store all these hats!?” instead of “…we only have four left, and six babies. Who gets one?”

Subsequently, I and a few staff members here at Woodstock are trying to really push to get as many hats for LCH as we possibly can. After a few suggestions, I’ve created a blog – babyhatsforlch.blogspot.com – to house information about Project: Baby Hats For LCH , including where to mail hats and to track what’s needed and received, and where donations come from.

So – if you’re interested in helping in some way, please let me know. We’ll need hats, and anyone willing to mail hats onward to India from the US or Canada/monetary donations in order to cover shipping. I’ve also created a flyer by request with the address in India and a blank space for a local address for anyone willing to receive hats and send them onward to us, so if you yourself can’t knit/crochet/sew but have a community that might be willing to, I can forward you the flyer to post. 🙂

I won’t probably post updates about the project here – that’s what the other blog is for – but keep eyes there if you’re curious on how it goes! 🙂

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