We had a good run on souvenirs this trip. A few cheap things (pareos, consumables) but three things we’re really happy and excited about!

The bracelet was purchased at the Angkor Night Market in Siem Reap. With a closed lotus flower on one end and a lotus seed pod on the other, it’s everything I love (lotuses!) and not just a single design. The bracelet was made by a young woman as part of the Jivit Thmey program, using recycled bombshells and bullets. I presume most of these are from the conflicts in Cambodia – or if not actually from, that’s the marketing scheme. It is an interesting craft idea. Adam picked up a pair of minimally-worked cufflinks from the airport from a similar company.

Adam gave me the hairy eyeball when I picked out that shawl, also from the Angkor Night Market. “But… it’s so… monochromatic!” Yes – but pretty, and the varigation in the dye of the threads for the cotton is pretty, as is the simple colour scheme. (I feel like I have to defend my choices sometimes!) The organization is similar to Himalayan Weavers up in our neighborhood; work done by women to help bring in an income to their families which would otherwise be struggling, and using locally sourced cotton and natural dyes. It’s not a traditional Cambodian krama, but I don’t wear scarves that much – so this is more the shawl version.


It means having to collect some brass polish (or, at least, getting our hands on some good substitutes!) for the cufflinks and bracelet – but we’re excited to add those to our wardrobes nonetheless.

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