Bucket List Update…

We’ve made a fair bit of progress on our list!

We had lunch at Madras Cafe with Diane, and Asha demanded chai afterwards. There were dosas all around, and an uttapam as well. We’ll miss the cheap, tasty dosa of Madras, and the jalebis and chai of the tea shop next dor.


Then – this past Saturday, we went up the mountain to Chardukaan (namely, Tip Top) with Tara. We settled down and had pakora and chai, paratha and fries (for Asha), and Tara and Adam with some cold coffees with ice cream. We took a cab up because otherwise we’d never have made it (and I had a Mandarin lesson from 9-10), got ourselves settled, and ordered. It was a lot of fun with Tara – and definitely a lot quieter than the Sunday brunches we’d gotten used to with Ashlea and Owen!


(Oh, “snack dressing”.)


We were also very lucky to have a second  Saturday meal invitation – the Webbs invited us to dinner at Doma’s. We headed up and out, and Asha was mostly fascinated (in love?) with the fish in their fishtank, and comparing the Buddhas in the foyer. The food was wonderful, and we were only there for two hours!

We tried something new – a “pork monster momo” (basically pork momo filling, in a tingmo body) – and I buckled into the monster that is a buffalo sizzler. I think I ate all the rice, half the veggies, some of the fries, and maybe 2/3 of the buff, before my stomach waved the surrender flag. For those readers unfamiliar with this – think of a fajita plate where it comes out sizzling hot, and then it’s draped with all of the accoutrements in the above picture. The bright thing on the bottom center-left is a tomato which has been hollowed out and had a candle put into it.

It was especially wonderful to have dinner with the Webbs, since we were their buddies when they first arrived, and they have been here as our family has gone from two to four – and we have been here while theirs has gone from two to three! We loved watching Asha and Jyoti and Rohan last night, and I know we’re all going to miss them tremendously.


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