A Setback

So, we got all our paperwork ready. We did some backflips to try to get things ready so we’d be able to file the first week of July, if not the last week of June, to get Adam’s visa for China. We get to Canada, and realise “Oh, hey. His passport has 2 blank pages in it. Basically he’d have enough to get into China, then would need a new passport. We should get a new one.” So he hurries and scurries and gets a new passport, and the paperwork is mailed from China to Canada while the passport is being processed. It’s a guess: which will come first – the passport or the paperwork?

Adam goes in on the 6th to his appointment, and is summarily told “The paperwork has your old passport number on it. We don’t care that you still have the cancelled passport; the risk is that you’ll get in country and they won’t put the sticker in your passport for your work visa. Subsequently we’ll not accept this.”

We tell the team at Harrow helping us out. We are then informed the entire process has to now be started from scratch –ย including an extra week in which Adam’s old paperwork has to be cancelled!

Getting out to China on our booked tickets may only happen by the skin of our teeth – but we’re going to try our hardest!

2 Comments on “A Setback

  1. Hi Darcy,
    Karen here, Owen’s mum in Beijing. You are experiencing what we say here is a “China moment”. We have another saying here, “All things are possible, most things are difficult.” When you finally get all the ducks in a row, you will look back and perhaps laugh. But you will have more moments like this, it is just the Chinese way.
    Jim and I look forward to meeting the people who made Owen and Ash’s time in Woodstock so rewarding. Dinner with us all when you finally feel settled and wanting to stick your nose out. Travel safely to us,

    • Hi! As long as it doesn’t take us six months, we’ll be happy; we’ve got our fingers crossed that our contact will be able to get everything so we can depart on the 11th as planned. We just keep saying “We have Ashlea and Owen and Jack waiting for us!” and are hoping like crazy to keep our brunch date with them for the 14th. ๐Ÿ™‚ Even if I have to drive from the airport to the restaurant!

      China’s bureaucracy is at least streamlined (with over 3000 years of practice!), versus India’s rather slapdash less-than-a-century-on-its-own. ๐Ÿ™‚

      We’re looking forward to meeting you too, once we have ourselves settled(ish)!

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