Yarn Stores Of Toronto 2016, Part I

Since I have to do this, every time we’re back…

Yarn stores have popped up and disappeared over the years while we’ve been here-and-gone, and this trip we stopped at several.

The Knit Cafe

This little shop is on Roncesvalles on the far west end of Queen; you can hop a street car and cruise from one end of Queen to the other, getting off at all the yarn stores along the way, and start or end here. It’s a little shop – and I mean little – with an equally small selection. They make up for that small selection in having yarns I haven’t seen anywhere else in the GTA, like Brooklyn Tweed Shelter; they also offer a large number of classes (both knit and crochet). If you’re just checking out yarn stores, it’s absolutely worth popping in for, but if you’re after a workhorse yarn like Cascade or a large selection, this would not be a stop for you. They had only a few laceweight options (Freia ombre/gradient-dyes in about 8 different colourways and some Madelinetosh Prairie in 4 colourways), a handful of sock choices (mostly Koigu PPM, I think) and focused on the Brooklyn Tweed Shelter and had some other worsteds, as well as some CoBaSi and linen yarns. The staff were helpful and engaging, and while I’m not certain I’ll be back, my only complaint is the stock level (and variety).


This is almost all of their stock. There’s a hanging display on the opposite side of the shop with some Koigu and Freia Handpaint, but… really all of it could fit on those shelves. Up in back you can see someone getting a knitting lesson.



This yarn shop is on Bathurst just south of St. Clair, and offers a large selection of yarns in both sheer quantity as well as brands. They offered a limited selection of Quince & Co. as well as some local dyers (Mineville Project) and a variety of Madelinetosh, Malabrigo and Manos del Uruguay. They also had a bird (an African parrot) which was A’s favourite part of it all. Stopping here is worthwhile to check out the variety they have; I was excited to see the variety of tools they have for knit as well as crochet.

The staff was nice if a bit standoffish to start; the person helping was inclined to sit and do her own thing until we started putting yarns on the counter to purchase that cost over the $20 mark. She did pull out some kids’ things for A to play with, which was nice; I’m not sure if she was just extremely busy or what. We did end up purchasing a few skeins, and potentially would have purchased more but were on a time limit.


Keep an eye out for Part II!


3 Comments on “Yarn Stores Of Toronto 2016, Part I

  1. Came across your blog and this particular post absolutely randomly. But I must consider it a sign, because there is a trip to Toronto on the cards soon! Looking forward to part 2, because I definitely plan to get some local yarn as a souvenir!

    • There’s a Part II in a few days, and there should have been a Part III but we didn’t have time to go this trip – Romni Wool & The Purple Purl. Both well worth checking out, too; they’re on Queen St. You can get a day pass and take the streetcar and get off at several yarn stores. 🙂

      • Thanks for the hints – I will do my best to check out one or two of the places. Not sure my partner will appreciate me disappearing into yarn stores for the duration of the whole trip, although it is tempting 😉

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