AQI in Pictures

I tried to get these pictures at approximately the same time (between 8-10am), and from the same location,  on days where the weather is considered “good” (e.g. sunny/not rainy) versus taking pictures on days where it would be innately overcast.

AQI 23 – Clean/Healthy – Green


AQI 73 – Moderate – Yellow
(this picture has some clouds, because hey, they happen in nice weather and aren’t just  pollution related.)aqi-77-moderate

AQI 144 – Unhealthy for Sensitive People – Orange


AQI 180 – Unhealthy – Red


AQI 213 – Very Unhealthy – Purpleaqi-213-very-unhealthy

And the last one – an AQI over 250 – is Extremely Unhealthy, colour-coded brown, and we have not yet had one that I know of/snapped a picture of. There will also be days of 500+ in the winter, and one of those will come, in time.

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