India Documents

Adam and I have, over the years, dealt with a lot of documents related to life in India. This page is going to be a “home” for some documents and data, hopefully helpful to others in the future.

  • PCC Request – Police Clearance Certificate Request form
  • Having A Baby At Landour Community Hospital” document, which includes:
    • hospital bag packing list for a rural Indian hospital
    • birth certificate request form
    • process (including links) for filing for citizenship for the USA
    • (I want to add Canada and Great Britain/UK to this, so please help!)
  • Birth Certificate Process – Mussoorie , including a generic application/request letter which can be modified as needed

If there are documents you think would be helpful to have or to see here – please let me know. If I have the document I’ll share it/post it up here.

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