Wandering Wunkers


Several weeks late… but getting photos proved to be the tricky part! We had a lovely quarter break, with a friend of ours visiting from the UK. We went down to Jim Corbett National Park for a few days to go on a few tiger safaris, and then off to Rishikesh, Delhi and Agra before coming back up to Mussoorie. The heat of the plains made us appreciate the cool of Mussoorie… Read More

I had a really nice, photo-filled, post saved… and then my laptop got tea’d, and we’re evaluating if we can afford to repair it  now or if we’ll be waiting til June or later to pick me up a new laptop. I’m working with my Asus EEE netbook (5 years and still going strong!) for the foreseeable future. We spent 21 days traveling through South India, with no more than 2 nights… Read More

Amazing. It’s hard to put the trip into words of any sort of substance that can properly capture the experience; so much happened in so little time, and yet it was three weeks. So there will likely be a string of posts in the future, or posts touching on aspects of the trip to try to cover it in its entirety. It all started with surprising everyone at the airport, and my… Read More

Found out today while doing some errands in the bazaar that we evidently had a leopard attack while Adam & I were in Lucknow. According to one of the tailors, it killed a Nepalese coolie and attacked another; according to one of the grocery shopkeepers, none of the coolies want to go out past Pennington (one of the residences close to the school) after dark, since the stretch between Pennington and a… Read More

I create a new category… and almost immediately start finding things that fit in it.  

Today I went into the bazaar with our friend Holly (who is sadly leaving in a fortnight as her student teaching is over). She and I stopped at Golden Restaurant for lunch so she could grab a bite to eat, and we had an interesting afternoon interlude. A baby rhesus macaque was playing and fell down onto the ground, and couldn’t quite shimmy back up under its own power. Naturally this drew… Read More

He’s across the way on the exterior wall of a friends’ place… but we’ve had such of this ilk inside before. Our vacuum cleaner is their life-ending locale. Adam and I hatehateHATE spiders (he’s braver than I am – and I hate them a *lot*). After consulting an Australian (since the 1/16 of their wildlife that won’t kill you was just killed by the other 15/16), she thinks it may be a… Read More

Things We Have Seen: yellow-throated pine marten red giant flying squirrel goats. lots of goats. rhesus macaque gray (Hanuman) langur chestnut-bellied nuthatch black bulbul crested serpent-eagle (how cool a name is that?) ruddy duck various assorted types of Indian cows evidence a leopard was in the area, as evidenced by scat, angry monkeys, growls, and a dog corpse. Indian palm squirrels (we saw those mostly in Varanasi, though)

Sodding primates. Really, “blasted rhesus macaques”. We haven’t really had much trouble with them, but now the students are back in class, the employees are back in housing… and the rhesus are causing trouble. This afternoon, it’s “playing in the neighbour’s sheets, which she’s drying on the roof”. I’ve gone out with Adam’s walking-stick and with rocks a few times, but one of ’em keeps going back to play in the sheets…. Read More

Rishikesh was an interesting trip; there was a lot of material that gave me ideas for blog posts, and some addition to one I’ve been working on (cows). I think the most poignant thing about Rishikesh was interpersonal communication and interaction: you had beggars, both mutilated (such as one woman missing both arms; men missing both legs; swollen/broken/deformed feet, carefully covered up but under the sock made to appear swollen and malformed)… Read More