Wandering Wunkers


Adam and I have successfully kept a human alive for six months! We are rather proud of the feat – and we’ve had a fair amount of assistance in doing it, too. I didn’t get a baby shower, but I have more than made up for it with the gifts we’ve been given and the community support; it’s how Asha has a very nice playpen, Rock-n-Play, clothes (… Christie, I’m serious about… Read More

Best laid plans, and all that — here, Adam and I had a goal of a post every two weeks for sure… and yet it’s been at least three weeks since our (my!) last post. He’s been working on some, but the school schedule and various other things – including lack of electricity, at points! – has set us all off-kilter. Quarter break starts on Tuesday after classes are finished for the… Read More

Life has been… crazy. That’s a good word for it – crazy. We’ve been up hill and down dale with travel over the summer, and then in November with the appearance of a tiny human in our lives. So – here are 13 photos that sum up 2013 for us, starting with June and the graduation/departure of two students who adopted Adam and I, and ending with Adam and I – and… Read More