Wandering Wunkers


The more they stay the same. Trite and cliche, but true. I’ve started to feel pressure again as everyone starts to stare at me – and more directly, my abdomen. It came up in conversation once with a new acquaintance, in the typical Indian way of asking about life: how Adam and I have been married for a year yet, and it’s still just two of us. No kids. Additionally, with a… Read More

Today I had my first unpleasant experience at Woodstock. I mean a genuinely unpleasant, made-my-skin-crawl, sort of situation, from a staff member. Short background: Adam and I have known each other for two years, and been married less than one. Kids are absolutely not in our future for medical reasons and our own choice until late 2012, if not later than that. I’m also very much not Christian, which has made Woodstock… Read More