Wandering Wunkers


A long-time friend from a MUSH swung out to Toronto to see another member of the MUSH and myself. While I’ve never been a big beer drinker for a few reasons, he really wanted to check out a local Toronto brewery, Bellwoods Brewery. Adam & I went along, got to learn a fair bit about beer, and had a great time. Bellwoods Brewery is on Ossington and Argyle, a microbrewery with a… Read More

Just like a prompt in elementary or middle school, it’s tricky to decide how to write about summer vacation without making it a laundry list or a scheduled play-by-play. It’s a challenge, no matter how long or short the post, to capture everything that happened – especially when it’s just four weeks and a bit! Anti-meat-eating marches and nude bicyclists; “The Great Canadian Cruise” with poutine and Tim Horton’s… we missed you,… Read More

We’re back, the house is still standing (and the cracks have only gotten a little bigger), and trying to put the apartment to rights. More than anything, we’re excited by the fact that there is construction going on outside to repair (read: rebuild) the wall! Adam and I had an amazing vacation – it was almost one of those that you need a vacation from, with all the sightseeing, friend-visiting, and other… Read More

This semester has been terrible for blogging. Every week is something new! different! stressful! time-consuming! and leaves me with no drive, and Adam with no time whatsoever. I think over the winter holiday I may just write up a “schedule” of topics, if nothing else, to really keep updating for our friends at home, and the occasional visitor who finds us searching a variety of topics. 🙂 This winter – Canada and… Read More

Tonight, Adam and I celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving a day early with a couple of friends at school; we brought over a roast chicken, some maple-glazed carrots, and then two things we’d promised to make for one of the friends: beavertails and flan. They made up some absolutely delicious bread, a tuna & pasta salad with veggies, and baked veggies (broccoli, carrots, potatoes, and a bit of bacon thrown in. That’s a veg,… Read More