Wandering Wunkers


“That bindi makes you look taller.” Yes, someone said that to me today. And then Adam confirmed it later, in all seriousness. So I have discovered height-enhancing bindis!

Yesterday (1/9), Adam and I, plus some new staffers, took a trip down to Dehradun. His Holiness the Dalai Lama is coming to Woodstock on the 16th, and two of the new staffers (Melanie and Kelly) wanted Tibetan outfits made. Unfortunately, the school’s trip isn’t being planned until the 22nd–well after he’s left!–and the “general” trip is on the 8th, when there might not be enough time to get something made: so… Read More

Today was Woodstock’s senior class graduation ceremony for the 2011 batch. The class’ name is Luminescence, and their colours are white, black and a teal-ish sort of blue. They also have a symbol of a phoenix – I rather like the graphic. Adam taught a number of them (albeit not a significant majority) in his English classes this year. I was really impressed by the students during the ceremony for a variety… Read More

I’m hoping we’ll get around to updating the blog at least once a week – I may have to set it up for a regular Tuesday update, if nothing else! Things have been (generally) quiet. We’ve been having some Skype conversations with friends when time allows (and now that Eastern time is only.. 9:30 behind us?, it’s a little easier). Quarter Break has come and gone – we went down to Delhi,… Read More

As a note… this is a general post about the trip, albeit a long one. There may be more posts provoked by experiences or thoughts that occurred while in Saharanpur, such as clothing, child labour, working conditions, etc. On the 18th, ¬†Adam and I were part of a 25-person trip to Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. One of the staff at Woodstock is from Saharanpur, and the Staff Welfare officer was kind enough to… Read More

Today was more errands, and success! in a few things. We picked up a small electric heater, since we will certainly need one in the new residence; I think I can conservatively say it is twice the size of our current residence, including having a second bedroom and a large kitchen, a dining/living area also about the size of our current bedroom & living room combined. We have asked the staff member… Read More