Wandering Wunkers


Things have been somewhat quiet on our end – not this past week but the week before was the Staff Talent Show, in which I had a chance to perform. I was involved in two dances: a Holi dance in Kathak style, and part of the end-of-show Bollywood medley. We did well enough – of course I know every single mistake I made, but a week(!) of compliments has at least said… Read More

The past week at Woodstock has been… eventful, and this coming week promises equal excitement, but hopefully of a more positive nature. A (now former) staff spouse posted something somewhat incendiary on a blog as the spouse and family were preparing for an early departure, and it consumed the school in gossip and – unfortunately – incited some students to internet trolling. It’s caused a large number of hurt feelings for various… Read More

These crossed my mind after Adam told me he & another staffer had been discussing successful adaptations to Woodstock/India, and especially staff spouse adjustments… so I started to think about what exactly it is that I’ve been doing that have really helped me. Look for something you’ve never done before, but wanted to – or you’re not sure you wanted to do – and find an opportunity for it. Here in India,… Read More

American Thanksgiving was on 24 November, and was celebrated with momos after Kathak class. Never one too keen on holidays, I forgot about it until just recently – it’s not like you can get a turkey up here, nor a goose (which is my bird of choice for holiday cooking; much more flavourful). Even if dinner was fried momos in the school cafeteria, it was definitely an interesting day: I got to… Read More

Thursday afternoon I received an invitation for a half-day trip: going to the Tibetan Home Schools (set up in the ’60s for Tibetan orphans after the Chinese invasion of Tibet, and now for destitute Tibetans, orphans, and refugees) for their sports day. I dressed up in my Tibetan outfit, and off we went. The school is in Happy Valley (a Tibetan enclave), and we were there for the opening ceremonies, and then… Read More