Wandering Wunkers


Yesterday (1/9), Adam and I, plus some new staffers, took a trip down to Dehradun. His Holiness the Dalai Lama is coming to Woodstock on the 16th, and two of the new staffers (Melanie and Kelly) wanted Tibetan outfits made. Unfortunately, the school’s trip isn’t being planned until the 22nd–well after he’s left!–and the “general” trip is on the 8th, when there might not be enough time to get something made: so… Read More

Amazing. It’s hard to put the trip into words of any sort of substance that can properly capture the experience; so much happened in so little time, and yet it was three weeks. So there will likely be a string of posts in the future, or posts touching on aspects of the trip to try to cover it in its entirety. It all started with surprising everyone at the airport, and my… Read More

I’d forgotten to send two friends a photo I took of them on a trip to Dehradun, and cleaned off the SD card the photos were on. I decided that I had a few nice photographs from this one stop, and people might like to see them. This stupa is in Clement Town, the Tibetan colony in Dehradun. It’s a bit of a trek – almost an hour and a half from… Read More