Wandering Wunkers


AKA “Our Adventure That’s Still Not As Bad As Going Dehradun – Varanasi In The Winter”. Mostly posted as a PSA since it’s an Egypt-Jordan constantly-vague thing, so we wanted to share our experience! Whether it’s called Noweiba, Nueiba, Nueibaa, or anything else depending on the paperwork – the process isn’t particularly complicated; it’s more an exercise in time consumption and ‘hurry up and wait’. When we travelled (25 June 2013), only… Read More

We have decided we are going to return to Egypt; it’s not a matter of ‘if’, but a matter of ‘when’. Shortly after we left, the protests kicked into full force again (we’ve seen supporting protests and demonstrations here in Jordan), and President Mohammed Morsi was ousted by the army, leaving the country once again in a state of flux. I would be very curious to hear from any travellers in Luxor… Read More

As we head tomorrow from Egypt to Jordan, and I’ve spent most of this morning working on Trip Advisor reviews (… 15 of them, with at least another 20 to go at least!), I needed to take a break, and decided writing a long-awaited update here was worth it! We left for Egypt on 4 June and will, on the 25th, hop the borders. 21 days in Egypt is not nearly long… Read More