Wandering Wunkers


There are moments in life you can try to repeat – retaking a test, applying for a job, even big events like marriage (look at Adam and I! Three weddings, no divorce!). There are some you can repeat if you’re lucky – and some that simply may never happen again. On Sunday, Adam and I were lucky enough to have one of those latter experiences.

Yesterday (1/9), Adam and I, plus some new staffers, took a trip down to Dehradun. His Holiness the Dalai Lama is coming to Woodstock on the 16th, and two of the new staffers (Melanie and Kelly) wanted Tibetan outfits made. Unfortunately, the school’s trip isn’t being planned until the 22nd–well after he’s left!–and the “general” trip is on the 8th, when there might not be enough time to get something made: so… Read More

What a few weeks it’s been… construction going on outside our house to ensure the rest of the pushta (wall) doesn’t go, starting my ESL tutoring again, doing prep work for the crazy that will be this term after I start language school up at Landour, locating a rat’s entry method – and then having to get maintenance in to block one way while we blocked another,  catching up on all of… Read More

10 days. Eek! Almost ready to set foot back in the US & Canada after about 18 months. We have half a day to kill in Delhi between our arrival at the train station and the departure from Indira Gandhi International. We may not get to run around with our “kid” – she broke her foot the day of graduation and had to stay at the Health Centre almost all week. I… Read More

These crossed my mind after Adam told me he & another staffer had been discussing successful adaptations to Woodstock/India, and especially staff spouse adjustments… so I started to think about what exactly it is that I’ve been doing that have really helped me. Look for something you’ve never done before, but wanted to – or you’re not sure you wanted to do – and find an opportunity for it. Here in India,… Read More

Adam and I went up to Hobbiton this afternoon (House Brodie) for afternoon tea, which was absolutely delightful – I ought to have snapped a few photos of the fine view they have in their mountain perch. I was also quite jealous of Meg’s sari scores in Dehradun, and want to go shopping with her for secondhand saris one of these days. We had some lovely conversation, a few things galvanizing me… Read More

As monsoon has ended, it’s been a great number of holidays getting celebrated: Saturday was Karva Chauth, a Hindu ceremony/festival/event/day for wives. On Karva Chauth, a married woman will get her hands covered in henna (as if she’s being married again), wear her bridal outfit (or another nice outfit if the bridal one won’t fit!), and fast from sunrise to moonrise. Her husband is the one who must advise when the moon… Read More

Today was Woodstock’s senior class graduation ceremony for the 2011 batch. The class’ name is Luminescence, and their colours are white, black and a teal-ish sort of blue. They also have a symbol of a phoenix – I rather like the graphic. Adam taught a number of them (albeit not a significant majority) in his English classes this year. I was really impressed by the students during the ceremony for a variety… Read More