Wandering Wunkers


Living in India teaches you many things – but one of its lessons, whether you’re ready for it or not, is about being thankful. In recognition of the Thanksgiving season being upon us, and Canadian Thanksgiving having passed whilst we have American Thanksgiving next month, I wanted to do a post on thankfulness. Adam and I have realized how thankful we are for our families. Even though we may not always get… Read More

Want, Need, Wear, Read… There are posts on blogs, all over the internet, about the “Want/Need/Wear/Read” and variations on it. Adam and I are working on adopting this – with Asha in the picture as well as an international and travel-heavy lifestyle, we want to avoid the idea of quantity and work on quality. It makes no sense to buy new $20 jeans every year, for example, when we can spend $50… Read More

This blog is, more than anything else, a family-update blog. I splurged to buy us a domain name, but I have no sponsorship or giveways or anything that tends to characterize the blogs targeted to bigger audiences. At the same time, I know people who are not just friends and family that find our blog. We don’t have a “niche”, except maybe it’ll develop into raising a global nomad as well as… Read More

Adam and I started out life (and to a degree, still!) as packrats and as people who like to buy things because we like them. Since moving overseas, we’ve learned we have to function differently – because we’re adults, because we live internationally (and intend to continue our international lifestyle), and especially now because we have a child. Initially Adam’s Woodstock salary was a challenge to live on for two people; since… Read More

Living overseas is not easy. Friends and family are far away and you see them when schedules permit – sometimes there are losses, severe illnesses, births and weddings, and you miss them. We have experienced all of those while we have been in India, and it makes life as an expatriate a challenge. We have also said goodbye (more, though, a “see you later!”) to people who became close friends after a… Read More