Wandering Wunkers


One of the school introduction events was a Peking duck dinner at a local duck restaurant. This was a pleasant surprise for me (as I’d been hoping to do it eventually), and we all went out since it was exceedingly family-friendly, and enjoyed ourselves with colleagues & lots of tasty  food. This was kind of a combination banquet-plus-duck meal; you traditionally (at least, as I understand it) would not have duck plus… Read More

We’ve made a fair bit of progress on our list! We had lunch at Madras Cafe with Diane, and Asha demanded chai afterwards. There were dosas all around, and an uttapam as well. We’ll miss the cheap, tasty dosa of Madras, and the jalebis and chai of the tea shop next dor.   Then – this past Saturday, we went up the mountain to Chardukaan (namely, Tip Top) with Tara. We settled… Read More

Coming back home after a vacation is always tough; there’s always the would-have, could-have, should-have moments. How much did you regret (not) doing, forget to do, or forget to bring back? For Adam and I, we managed to do most of the things we wanted to do, couldn’t bring everything back we wanted to, saw the vast majority of the friends we wanted to. It was nice to be back, but there… Read More

So far, slow but steady… using up things like Nutrela (dehydrated soy… things), corn kernels for popcorn, prepackaged popcorn for the pressure cooker, rice (oh, always the rice!), atta (wheat flour), oatmeal, etc. This week was a focus on Indian & Mexican to use up some of that rice, corn flour, and wheat flour. Next week will be rice & pasta… for the three whole days I’m cooking dinner at home and… Read More

I came across this link in the New York Times regarding deconstructing Indian food for the masses in the West. They mention some intriguing ideas, and a few nascent chains (Bombay Bowl, Chutney, and others) – including one called Veda in Toronto. I think it would be fun, while we’re in Toronto and around the US, to explore Veda, Mt Everest, Curry Twist, and any other Indian restaurants we can come across. Stop… Read More

Day 1: Day of Unrest We made our way from Mussoorie down to Dehradun for – from what everyone could tell – was an on-time (or only marginally delayed) train departure. Scheduled to depart at 20:30, and the train was only to arrive at 19:10 – but that sort of delay is manageable. Adam and I settled down to wait, with about half an hour to kill, and the train… still not… Read More

Tonight’s surprise culinary delight: goat burgers on garlic bread. I had no idea what to make for dinner; we had chicken in creamy garlic sauce with rice or pasta last night, and I wanted to use up one of our packages of minced mutton, some of the processed cheese slices, and one of the loaves of utterly delicious garlic bread. So, here’s a recipe for tonight’s dinner: Goat Burgers on Garlic Bread… Read More

Today was more errands, and success! in a few things. We picked up a small electric heater, since we will certainly need one in the new residence; I think I can conservatively say it is twice the size of our current residence, including having a second bedroom and a large kitchen, a dining/living area also about the size of our current bedroom & living room combined. We have asked the staff member… Read More

Adam and I went down through the bazaars again; got the hot water bottle, a larger frying pan, some containers for our dry goods, and placed another grocery order. Pillows will be ready tomorrow or Friday (sigh), so either Friday afternoon or Saturday we’ll go in and pick those up, and place an order for a duvet cover. We did have a couple interesting moments — because we went in midday on… Read More