Wandering Wunkers


Wednesday the 24th was the culmination of Navratri, a 9-day long celebration of the aspects of the Hindu Goddess. One aspect of the goddess is offered puja (a prayer/worship ceremony) on each day of Navratri, and then on the last day, there’s a big celebration called Dussehra. Dussehra celebrates Rama’s victory over the evil rakshasa king, Ravana. Adam was off on Activity Week during Dussehra, but I managed to sneak into the… Read More

On Thursday, I was privileged to be invited by a friend to her daughter’s annaprashan. An annaprashan/annaprasan is a Hindu ceremony where the baby is offered their first solid food – in this case, it was kheer (a rice-based dish). It was a very interesting thing to watch – the pandit was the same priest as had come for the Griha Pravesh puja, so there was a moment of him blinking, asking… Read More

It seems obligatory that all Bollywood Holi-related numbers have the dancers and actors/actresses dress in white… both so the gulal (colour) shows up, and for the strange, obligatory wet… whatever… scene. Thursday was Holi, but Adam and I didn’t end up celebrating until today… and oh, did we celebrate! It was a lot of fun – we went to a party that was mostly Indian nationals with just a handful of us… Read More

Adam and I have a fairly straight forward routine: he leaves at 8am, and on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, I leave at 10 (Weds & Fri I leave at 9:30). This morning, there was a kink in my plans: namely, a pair of people singing and playing tabla outside my front door. Quite literally on my doorstep. It was surprising, and I couldn’t quite tell who or what was going on –… Read More

American Thanksgiving was on 24 November, and was celebrated with momos after Kathak class. Never one too keen on holidays, I forgot about it until just recently – it’s not like you can get a turkey up here, nor a goose (which is my bird of choice for holiday cooking; much more flavourful). Even if dinner was fried momos in the school cafeteria, it was definitely an interesting day: I got to… Read More

As monsoon has ended, it’s been a great number of holidays getting celebrated: Saturday was Karva Chauth, a Hindu ceremony/festival/event/day for wives. On Karva Chauth, a married woman will get her hands covered in henna (as if she’s being married again), wear her bridal outfit (or another nice outfit if the bridal one won’t fit!), and fast from sunrise to moonrise. Her husband is the one who must advise when the moon… Read More