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Want, Need, Wear, Read… There are posts on blogs, all over the internet, about the “Want/Need/Wear/Read” and variations on it. Adam and I are working on adopting this – with Asha in the picture as well as an international and travel-heavy lifestyle, we want to avoid the idea of quantity and work on quality. It makes no sense to buy new $20 jeans every year, for example, when we can spend $50… Read More

Best laid plans, and all that — here, Adam and I had a goal of a post every two weeks for sure… and yet it’s been at least three weeks since our (my!) last post. He’s been working on some, but the school schedule and various other things – including lack of electricity, at points! – has set us all off-kilter. Quarter break starts on Tuesday after classes are finished for the… Read More

Today is American Thanksgiving (the Canadian holiday being October 8th, this past year). Today has also just been a really good day, and I decided to come up with a list of things I’m thankful for. This is by no means exhaustive! A husband who is taking time out of his already-busy week to practice tabla, and sit with our Indian music teacher once a week for about 30 minutes to learn more…. Read More

Wednesday the 24th was the culmination of Navratri, a 9-day long celebration of the aspects of the Hindu Goddess. One aspect of the goddess is offered puja (a prayer/worship ceremony) on each day of Navratri, and then on the last day, there’s a big celebration called Dussehra. Dussehra celebrates Rama’s victory over the evil rakshasa king, Ravana. Adam was off on Activity Week during Dussehra, but I managed to sneak into the… Read More

Tonight, Adam and I celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving a day early with a couple of friends at school; we brought over a roast chicken, some maple-glazed carrots, and then two things we’d promised to make for one of the friends: beavertails and flan. They made up some absolutely delicious bread, a tuna & pasta salad with veggies, and baked veggies (broccoli, carrots, potatoes, and a bit of bacon thrown in. That’s a veg,… Read More

We’ve returned from Delhi safe and sound, with a few lessons learned: Just because you use a rickshaw driver all day doesn’t mean he won’t try to jerk you around at the end of it. We asked to go to Dilli Haat — he ended up bringing us to the Delhi Haat craft bazaar. We were very clear where we wanted to go (“Dilli Haat, by INA Market”)- but he brought us elsewhere… Read More

It seems obligatory that all Bollywood Holi-related numbers have the dancers and actors/actresses dress in white… both so the gulal (colour) shows up, and for the strange, obligatory wet… whatever… scene. Thursday was Holi, but Adam and I didn’t end up celebrating until today… and oh, did we celebrate! It was a lot of fun – we went to a party that was mostly Indian nationals with just a handful of us… Read More

For the past two nights we’ve had thunderstorms with hail that have woken Adam and I up, and subsequently we’ve slept terribly and it’s ruined our schedules (trying to catch that extra bit of missed sleep turns into oversleeping, etc). It’s put both of us in poor moods, and those beautiful days of almost-summer have vanished into the clouds – since it’s pretty much nothing but clouds up here anyway – and… Read More

American Thanksgiving was on 24 November, and was celebrated with momos after Kathak class. Never one too keen on holidays, I forgot about it until just recently – it’s not like you can get a turkey up here, nor a goose (which is my bird of choice for holiday cooking; much more flavourful). Even if dinner was fried momos in the school cafeteria, it was definitely an interesting day: I got to… Read More

As monsoon has ended, it’s been a great number of holidays getting celebrated: Saturday was Karva Chauth, a Hindu ceremony/festival/event/day for wives. On Karva Chauth, a married woman will get her hands covered in henna (as if she’s being married again), wear her bridal outfit (or another nice outfit if the bridal one won’t fit!), and fast from sunrise to moonrise. Her husband is the one who must advise when the moon… Read More