Wandering Wunkers


We’ve returned from Delhi safe and sound, with a few lessons learned: Just because you use a rickshaw driver all day doesn’t mean he won’t try to jerk you around at the end of it. We asked to go to Dilli Haat — he ended up bringing us to the Delhi Haat craft bazaar. We were very clear where we¬†wanted to go (“Dilli Haat, by INA Market”)- but he brought us elsewhere… Read More

This has been an interesting week, and promises to continue that way. In a nutshell: our washing machine broke, we’ve set up a wardrobe budget to get some of the stuff we want made (since here, fabric and tailoring will be absurdly cheap compared to the west), our home leave tickets arrived in hand today, we found out Adam’s Indian tax return hadn’t been filed and I nearly marched into four different… Read More

At this rate, this should become “Adventures in India: if we ever make it there.” There appears to be some diplomatic tit-for-tat going on right now between Canada and India, meaning that Adam’s getting a run-around for what paperwork he needs, where he needs to go, what he needs to do, etc. We’re in a holding pattern until another Ministry of the Indian government writes a letter with some info, and that… Read More

Yesterday was the wine shower, which was good fun (and nice to finally MEET people I had only heard about!) and I mentioned Adam and I doing this blog (well, me more than him, but… anyway), so I suppose I’d definitely best make sure there’s content before people start getting ahold of the URL to read the previous entries… Today we got up and Adam got the last thing he needs to… Read More