Wandering Wunkers


We left India just before monsoon, and it’s now raging full-force in Uttarakhand and Mussoorie. I’ve seen pictures from friends & acquaintances about the landslides, the leeches and the rain. One of my favourite pictures from a year or so ago is from a (now former) colleague who snapped a shot of the same location two hours apart: the top of the image is a view over the Doon Valley, and the… Read More

Six years – or nearly – since we arrived. And now, we are gone again. A lot has happened. This is one of the first pictures I snapped, in our view from King’s Chambers where we were told to not unpack – we’d be getting  moved quickly. Which they were, in mid-December, and in one of the first of the many impressive carried-by-coolies experiences we’ve had. From King’s Chambers to South Hill… Read More

After packing up the house and all its accoutrements – and throwing out a lot, and giving a lot to our ayah Asa – we performed a miniature migration of reminiscence. My mother in law is a Woodstock alumna and she remembered trips to Kashmir as a child (teen) as well as Varanasi; thinking this will be her last trip to India, she wanted to go to Srinagar and to Varanasi again…. Read More

Caves… Elephanta Caves, Ellora Caves, Ajanta Caves. Adam and I had envisaged something like this, some sort of natural cave that was then added to by the priests or followers or whomever, making the caves notable and exciting. Ling Bua Cave Instead, they were more like this: Adam and I agree that calling them “caves” leaves us with certain impressions and we think it’s a bit of a misnomer, but we’re not… Read More

It’s a good thing I always skip chapel. Otherwise, we wouldn’t’ve gotten home until at least 8:45-9:00pm – and this lovely fuse box probably would have smoked and burned like crazy all that time. Thankfully, I skipped (as I always do), and was home to call the main gate. Electrician came out and maintenance will replace everything tomorrow, as well as do a full check of all our wiring. While certainly exciting… Read More