Wandering Wunkers


Anyone who knows me by now – and most people who don’t – know I love words. They’re the world to me, the thing to study, often the only thing to pull me outside myself and interact with others. Forget mathematics, music, theatre, cars, paintings… none of it can hold a candle to words. If I don’t have words in my mouth, words in my brain, words in my ears, I am… Read More

While we wait for things to process with Adam’s paperwork, I’ve been stumbling along with my Elementary Hindi textbook & workbook. I slacked… HARD… during July and most of August, but last week I dedicated to Lesson 1. This week is Lesson 2. Working through the alphabet breakdown, and then the activities, supplemented by my Anki flashcards. So, for this week.. Sunday: Alphabet Monday: Workbook activity 1.1; conjunct consonants & nasalization Tuesday:… Read More

Whether you’re curious about India, trying to get a feel for the place before moving, or interested simply in expanding your horizons, it can be difficult to weed through the data and find the useful things. Here’s my list of what I’ve found useful: Recommended Reading Wanderlust and Lipstick: For Women Traveling to India (Beth Whitman, Amy Scott and Elizabeth Haidle): A quick but useful read for packing, culture notes and experiences… Read More

I’ve started reading some of the online editions of local newspapers for our move to India. There are some English-language newspapers published online (The Hindu, Times of India, Hindustan Times, and the Garhwal Post) and I’ve been getting their RSS feeds sent to my Google RSS reader. A handful of words, obviously Hindi words simply transliterated, keep coming up – even in the English language edition of the paper. I wasn’t sure… Read More