Wandering Wunkers


I tried to get these pictures at approximately the same time (between 8-10am), and from the same location,  on days where the weather is considered “good” (e.g. sunny/not rainy) versus taking pictures on days where it would be innately overcast. AQI 23 – Clean/Healthy – Green AQI 73 – Moderate – Yellow (this picture has some clouds, because hey, they happen in nice weather and aren’t just  pollution related.) AQI 144 –… Read More

Beijing has a very comprehensive – and  well used – public transit system, featuring both subways and buses. We have taken both a few times to learn how to get around town. This is the little “metro card” we have. They cost RMB20 and then you can put howevermuch you want to on them; trips cost from 2 to 5 kuai each way. The 20 deposit serves to effectively cover you in… Read More

One of the school introduction events was a Peking duck dinner at a local duck restaurant. This was a pleasant surprise for me (as I’d been hoping to do it eventually), and we all went out since it was exceedingly family-friendly, and enjoyed ourselves with colleagues & lots of tasty  food. This was kind of a combination banquet-plus-duck meal; you traditionally (at least, as I understand it) would not have duck plus… Read More