Wandering Wunkers


Day 1: Day of Unrest We made our way from Mussoorie down to Dehradun for – from what everyone could tell – was an on-time (or only marginally delayed) train departure. Scheduled to depart at 20:30, and the train was only to arrive at 19:10 – but that sort of delay is manageable. Adam and I settled down to wait, with about half an hour to kill, and the train… still not… Read More

Today Adam and I returned from Lucknow. The fog has been terrible these past few weeks all across India; our train had a 6 hour(!) delay for its return, and a 3.5 hour delay going out from Dehradun. Adam’s not feeling spectacular, so we’re hoping to keep very close to home over the next few days (only going to the bazaar once) to get him back on an even keel and ready… Read More