Wandering Wunkers


Things have been somewhat quiet on our end – not this past week but the week before was the Staff Talent Show, in which I had a chance to perform. I was involved in two dances: a Holi dance in Kathak style, and part of the end-of-show Bollywood medley. We did well enough – of course I know every single mistake I made, but a week(!) of compliments has at least said… Read More

The Tamil word “kolaveri” has recently been popularized due to the success of a song, “Why this kolaveri di?”, which (according to Samosapedia) means “murderous rage felt by a jilted or spurned lover but in everyday parlance refers to unnecessary anger”. A song was created, which more or less translates to “Why so mad, girl?”; the music was created, and the lyrics followed in an improv state, and it was then reduplicated… Read More