Wandering Wunkers


This series is dedicated to Meg and Matt Brodie, and Matt’s perpetual love of momos.  On this trip, we stopped at Clocktower and Little Llama. We are hoping to visit a number of other places with momos – but decided, on a walk through the bazaar one day, that these two would be excellent starts.   From Clocktower Cafe, we ordered three different types of momos, all steamed: vegetarian, chicken, and a new “Schezwan Tossed Chicken”… Read More

It’s not uncommon to pick up a piece of kitchen equipment and see “made in India” on it. Unfortunately for anyone living in India, it’s highly likely these things are for export only – and that means that either you have to pay import taxes to buy it from somewhere else and bring it back to the land of its manufacture, you have to bring it with you from your home country,… Read More

Today is American Thanksgiving (the Canadian holiday being October 8th, this past year). Today has also just been a really good day, and I decided to come up with a list of things I’m thankful for. This is by no means exhaustive! A husband who is taking time out of his already-busy week to practice tabla, and sit with our Indian music teacher once a week for about 30 minutes to learn more…. Read More

make everything worthwhile. We had a dreadful amount of rain today, but the views after it ended are just amazing. A friend said “I think I can see Saharanpur from here!”, which is a town about 3 hours south of us – down our mountain, through the valley, down the other mountains (Shivaliks) and into the plains.

Almost. Not quite yet, though. Adam and I have been settling back in – doing dishes, writing up thank-you cards to be mailed, and getting Christmas packed back down. Well… we unplugged the lights for the tree, but haven’t picked its rest-of-year home yet. That counts, right? The weather has broken for a nice warm spell – we came back to snow and sleet, and learned it had been doing that for… Read More

Found out today while doing some errands in the bazaar that we evidently had a leopard attack while Adam & I were in Lucknow. According to one of the tailors, it killed a Nepalese coolie and attacked another; according to one of the grocery shopkeepers, none of the coolies want to go out past Pennington (one of the residences close to the school) after dark, since the stretch between Pennington and a… Read More

Today I went into the bazaar with our friend Holly (who is sadly leaving in a fortnight as her student teaching is over). She and I stopped at Golden Restaurant for lunch so she could grab a bite to eat, and we had an interesting afternoon interlude. A baby rhesus macaque was playing and fell down onto the ground, and couldn’t quite shimmy back up under its own power. Naturally this drew… Read More

Thursday afternoon I received an invitation for a half-day trip: going to the Tibetan Home Schools (set up in the ’60s for Tibetan orphans after the Chinese invasion of Tibet, and now for destitute Tibetans, orphans, and refugees) for their sports day. I dressed up in my Tibetan outfit, and off we went. The school is in Happy Valley (a Tibetan enclave), and we were there for the opening ceremonies, and then… Read More

We have two types of primate here: macaques and langurs (specifically, rhesus and grey langur/Hanuman langur). They’re बंदरों in Hindi – monkeys! Rhesus are prone to being more aggressive, and people have made me hyperaware of them, and – I think – hyperafraid of them just be speaking about the issues that the rhesus have, and the way they will interact with humans, and specifically females. I’ve been told “carry a catapult… Read More

Today was more errands, and success! in a few things. We picked up a small electric heater, since we will certainly need one in the new residence; I think I can conservatively say it is twice the size of our current residence, including having a second bedroom and a large kitchen, a dining/living area also about the size of our current bedroom & living room combined. We have asked the staff member… Read More