Wandering Wunkers


It’s a good thing I always skip chapel. Otherwise, we wouldn’t’ve gotten home until at least 8:45-9:00pm – and this lovely fuse box probably would have smoked and burned like crazy all that time. Thankfully, I skipped (as I always do), and was home to call the main gate. Electrician came out and maintenance will replace everything tomorrow, as well as do a full check of all our wiring. While certainly exciting… Read More

Happy anniversary to us! Happy birthday to me! We had anticipated a nice lazy wake-up… except we’re still a little thrown from the time zones, and I got up around 4am, Adam around 4:30. No big plans for the day, except for sending Adam to the required professional development at the school, and then perhaps the hospital to get his thumb looked at (what appeared as just a small swelling before he… Read More

He’s across the way on the exterior wall of a friends’ place… but we’ve had such of this ilk inside before. Our vacuum cleaner is their life-ending locale. Adam and I hatehateHATE spiders (he’s braver than I am – and I hate them a *lot*). After consulting an Australian (since the 1/16 of their wildlife that won’t kill you was just killed by the other 15/16), she thinks it may be a… Read More