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Adam and I have never steered away from banned books – in fact, if a book is banned, there’s a good chance we’ve read it or we want to, sometimes simply because it’s banned. Recently in India, however, there was a book that was not banned, but pursued by a lawsuit in a way that would make some of the overeager book-banners ecstatic. According to NPR, the publisher (Penguin India) defended Wendy… Read More

“That bindi makes you look taller.” Yes, someone said that to me today. And then Adam confirmed it later, in all seriousness. So I have discovered height-enhancing bindis!

At first, I wanted to say “only in India”… and then I thought about it, and realised that no – it’s not “only in India”, it could have happened anywhere. The circumstances are different, the way it will be handled is different, but this is also in Canada and America, too. We’re having work done at South Hill (yay!), but to do that work… it appears they’ve had to demolish part of… Read More

Frothing fit of rage. GURGAON: A day after a 23-year-old woman was abducted and gangraped in the city, the Gurgaon administration on Monday passed an order virtually absolving its responsibility of ensuring women are safe. The administration has told all malls, commercial establishments and pub owners that they cannot have women employees working beyond 8pm. Gurgaon deputy commissioner P C Meena said permission from the labour department would be required for a woman… Read More

It seems obligatory that all Bollywood Holi-related numbers have the dancers and actors/actresses dress in white… both so the gulal (colour) shows up, and for the strange, obligatory wet… whatever… scene. Thursday was Holi, but Adam and I didn’t end up celebrating until today… and oh, did we celebrate! It was a lot of fun – we went to a party that was mostly Indian nationals with just a handful of us… Read More

I create a new category… and almost immediately start finding things that fit in it.  

Only in India would you see something like this. Maoist rebels (communist rebels with a tendency towards violence) lost one of their leaders. From the linked CNN article: “Indian security forces were believed to have shot dead a top Maoist leader, Koteshwar Rao alias Kishenji, on November 24. The rebel strike was in protest over Kishenji’s killing, which is being investigated now over allegations the gun battle was faked.” They don’t mean… Read More