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Adam and I are very proud that we managed to travel for 3 weeks with Asha in two carry-on bags plus one checked bag. The checked bag was dominantly because of Adam’s snorkeling gear (mine fit in my carryon), but he has full-size fins where I have short ones. We did use the checked bag for more, in the end – it was often where we put diapers and wipes for Asha,… Read More

Having recently had a home leave back west, here’s an idea of the things we brought back with us (and are, generally, what are on our ‘restock’ lists when we do come back). Adam said that he thinks – out of all of our home leaves/trips – this is the happiest he’s been with what we brought back. We frequently find we are maxed out on weight before we are on space,… Read More

This semester has been terrible for blogging. Every week is something new! different! stressful! time-consuming! and leaves me with no drive, and Adam with no time whatsoever. I think over the winter holiday I may just write up a “schedule” of topics, if nothing else, to really keep updating for our friends at home, and the occasional visitor who finds us searching a variety of topics. πŸ™‚ This winter – Canada and… Read More

10 days. Eek! Almost ready to set foot back in the US & Canada after about 18 months. We have half a day to kill in Delhi between our arrival at the train station and the departure from Indira Gandhi International. We may not get to run around with our “kid” – she broke her foot the day of graduation and had to stay at the Health Centre almost all week. I… Read More

It’s almost been 6 months since we’ve been here – we flew in just before American Thanksgiving, around 21 November 2010. Aside from a small handful of frustrating situations, we have no complaints, and are happy here (for a variety of reasons) – in my case, I know I’m happier than I could be in a Western country, but that’s because I’m a terrible American, etc. and so on. One thing about… Read More

Adam and I will be in the panicked last stages of “Is it packed? Where’s my X? Are you sure the Y is in THAT bag, despite the fact that the list of contents for that bag says so?”. Admittedly, I’m more the one to panic, but I hope it will mostly be settled to our satisfaction by tonight or tomorrow mid-day, and we’ll be able to breathe. Most of what remains… Read More

I keep hearing from people “It’s going to be cold!” The weather in Dehradun (2210 ft/650m above sea level): http://www.wunderground.com/global/stations/42111.html Now… Mussoorie is about 2000m/6600ft above sea level, so I take into account snow – but Dehradun is looking at 50s-60s (Fahrenheit) through the winter. That’s… balmy. Mussoorie had REALLY best get cold – 32F and lower – for it to be “cold”. I’m apprehensive about packing cold-weather gear because of this…variance… Read More