Wandering Wunkers


So far, slow but steady… using up things like Nutrela (dehydrated soy… things), corn kernels for popcorn, prepackaged popcorn for the pressure cooker, rice (oh, always the rice!), atta (wheat flour), oatmeal, etc. This week was a focus on Indian & Mexican to use up some of that rice, corn flour, and wheat flour. Next week will be rice & pasta… for the three whole days I’m cooking dinner at home and… Read More

  Sign up to not only perform a kathak routine, but participate in a Bollywood dance routine as well. Try a new recipe for the first time when you’re starving. Protip: dried rajmah daal (aka kidney beans) take more than 6-12 hours to rehydrate *and* cook down. I was trying to make refried beans with them, and… it went poorly. After soaking for 2 days, and having been cooked for 4+ hours,… Read More

We’re always looking for ways to shrink our spending – ebooks instead of paper books that risk being lost to silverfish, mildew, and the general vagaries of monsoon; buying on-sale suit material; reusing water bottles until they get sketchy, meal planning, etc. One blog I started following awhile back is The Savvy Life – while I can’t always get benefits from some things, it has been fun to read and given me some… Read More