Wandering Wunkers


Things have been somewhat quiet on our end – not this past week but the week before was the Staff Talent Show, in which I had a chance to perform. I was involved in two dances: a Holi dance in Kathak style, and part of the end-of-show Bollywood medley. We did well enough – of course I know every single mistake I made, but a week(!) of compliments has at least said… Read More

Adam and I went up to Hobbiton this afternoon (House Brodie) for afternoon tea, which was absolutely delightful – I ought to have snapped a few photos of the fine view they have in their mountain perch. I was also quite jealous of Meg’s sari scores in Dehradun, and want to go shopping with her for secondhand saris one of these days. We had some lovely conversation, a few things galvanizing me… Read More

It’s crazy to think that the term only started a few weeks ago, but it has already started to strike the chord of interminable days. The spring term is always a bit nuts at Woodstock because the last half of May and any day in June is exams and prep for graduation – which translates into February, March and April really being “teachable” months, May is exam prep until exams kick in… Read More

Amazing. It’s hard to put the trip into words of any sort of substance that can properly capture the experience; so much happened in so little time, and yet it was three weeks. So there will likely be a string of posts in the future, or posts touching on aspects of the trip to try to cover it in its entirety. It all started with surprising everyone at the airport, and my… Read More

American Thanksgiving was on 24 November, and was celebrated with momos after Kathak class. Never one too keen on holidays, I forgot about it until just recently – it’s not like you can get a turkey up here, nor a goose (which is my bird of choice for holiday cooking; much more flavourful). Even if dinner was fried momos in the school cafeteria, it was definitely an interesting day: I got to… Read More

It’s been one year – either way you count it (arriving in India, at Woodstock). It’s been a long, crazy, weird year, but I’m actually living with my husband, so I’d go through hell and high water to ensure that keeps happening. So.. one year later, things I’ve learned: Rhesus are really pains in the ass (I’ll be blunt). Aggressive, annoying bloody buggers. I was naive before. I’ve learned, after one of… Read More

The more they stay the same. Trite and cliche, but true. I’ve started to feel pressure again as everyone starts to stare at me – and more directly, my abdomen. It came up in conversation once with a new acquaintance, in the typical Indian way of asking about life: how Adam and I have been married for a year yet, and it’s still just two of us. No kids. Additionally, with a… Read More

We started out taking the Metro (how I love the metro!) down to the JLN Stadium station, and walked from there through the back alleys nearby, to get to Hazrat Nizam-ud-din Dargah. It was an interesting sight; you have to cover your head (men and women alike), and women are not permitted inside the tomb area itself. It was interesting, but a bit of a depressing sight as well, because throughout the… Read More

Today I had my first unpleasant experience at Woodstock. I mean a genuinely unpleasant, made-my-skin-crawl, sort of situation, from a staff member. Short background: Adam and I have known each other for two years, and been married less than one. Kids are absolutely not in our future for medical reasons and our own choice until late 2012, if not later than that. I’m also very much not Christian, which has made Woodstock… Read More