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So, we got all our paperwork ready. We did some backflips to try to get things ready so we’d be able to file the first week of July, if not the last week of June, to get Adam’s visa for China. We get to Canada, and realise “Oh, hey. His passport has 2 blank pages in it. Basically he’d have enough to get into China, then would need a new passport. We… Read More

We are uncluttering. Decluttering, minimalis/zing – whatever you want to call it. We’ve been able to come up with a few categories for this clutter: Duplicate items we didn’t realise we had because we had lost the first (usually in another pile of clutter), or duplicate items where we bought a “just in case” backup and never needed it. Things we were conditioned to keep “just in case” and rarely (or never)… Read More

Observations of Driving 1. Passive drivers will never get anywhere. 2. Drivers are concerned only with their vehicles; sideview mirrors are on vehicles, but one doesn’t look in them to see if they’re being passed. 3. Horns are used in lieu of signal lights. This is “honk if you’re passing someone” so they know to move over a bit. Large trucks even have things painted on them about ensuring you beep if… Read More

Adam and I will be in the panicked last stages of “Is it packed? Where’s my X? Are you sure the Y is in THAT bag, despite the fact that the list of contents for that bag says so?”. Admittedly, I’m more the one to panic, but I hope it will mostly be settled to our satisfaction by tonight or tomorrow mid-day, and we’ll be able to breathe. Most of what remains… Read More

So, riding the marketing high of this book, and after hearing VERY mixed reviews, I decided to pick it up and read it. I… was not impressed, and I don’t plan on seeing the film. I will give the book credit where it is due – this is exactly what it is marketed as, a woman’s journey with specific focuses, in Italy, India and Bali. This will be a difficult sort of… Read More

At this rate, this should become “Adventures in India: if we ever make it there.” There appears to be some diplomatic tit-for-tat going on right now between Canada and India, meaning that Adam’s getting a run-around for what paperwork he needs, where he needs to go, what he needs to do, etc. We’re in a holding pattern until another Ministry of the Indian government writes a letter with some info, and that… Read More

Yesterday was the wine shower, which was good fun (and nice to finally MEET people I had only heard about!) and I mentioned Adam and I doing this blog (well, me more than him, but… anyway), so I suppose I’d definitely best make sure there’s content before people start getting ahold of the URL to read the previous entries… Today we got up and Adam got the last thing he needs to… Read More

Yes, seriously. I finished a book in ~3 days. Today, whilst at work with Adam, I finished Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure by Sarah Macdonald. It had been recommended a few different ways, by websites and people, so I decided to pick it up. Initially I was skeptical — it seemed like it was going to be a case of “Wow! Look at me, I cover religion while my husband is off… Read More

Today while waiting for my passport card to be processed, I finished reading Dreaming in Hindi by Katherine Russell Rich. This is a great book — but it is not for everyone. If you’re looking for fluffy summer reading and think that a title like “Dreaming in Hindi” is a beach-book about travel, love, and fluffy bunnies, you’ll be disappointed. Rich takes a unique twist on the travelogue/memoir by combining it with… Read More

We’re in a bit of a panic now… still waiting on some paperwork from India for Adam before he can apply for his visa, and he needs his done before I can apply for mine. We’re at <  20 days now before scheduled departure date, and I genuinely can’t afford to go to Canada and possibly lose valuable days I _could_ be getting the visa processed–and I also can’t just hop on… Read More