Wandering Wunkers


Sadly, I have no place in the house suited to taking luscious pictures of food… so a chair in the living room had to do. Adam has initiated (and I’m so happy!) a practice of eating veg at least two times a week, three if we can manage it. We’ll have to be creative with some of the options as he’s still reluctant to head towards things that are very clearly green… Read More

Tonight’s surprise culinary delight: goat burgers on garlic bread. I had no idea what to make for dinner; we had chicken in creamy garlic sauce with rice or pasta last night, and I wanted to use up one of our packages of minced mutton, some of the processed cheese slices, and one of the loaves of utterly delicious garlic bread. So, here’s a recipe for tonight’s dinner: Goat Burgers on Garlic Bread… Read More