Wandering Wunkers


Six years – or nearly – since we arrived. And now, we are gone again. A lot has happened. This is one of the first pictures I snapped, in our view from King’s Chambers where we were told to not unpack – we’d be getting  moved quickly. Which they were, in mid-December, and in one of the first of the many impressive carried-by-coolies experiences we’ve had. From King’s Chambers to South Hill… Read More

Living in India teaches you many things – but one of its lessons, whether you’re ready for it or not, is about being thankful. In recognition of the Thanksgiving season being upon us, and Canadian Thanksgiving having passed whilst we have American Thanksgiving next month, I wanted to do a post on thankfulness. Adam and I have realized how thankful we are for our families. Even though we may not always get… Read More

Want, Need, Wear, Read… There are posts on blogs, all over the internet, about the “Want/Need/Wear/Read” and variations on it. Adam and I are working on adopting this – with Asha in the picture as well as an international and travel-heavy lifestyle, we want to avoid the idea of quantity and work on quality. It makes no sense to buy new $20 jeans every year, for example, when we can spend $50… Read More

Leave it to Mussoorie: monsoon is moving slowly, and scheduled to start in early to mid-July, where we are… naturally, just as soon as we get back from our summer break! The realistic start of summer is March, here – but my brain still thinks of ‘summer break’ rather than ‘monsoon break’, which would be a more accurate term. This break is always a time of mixed emotions: no work for Adam… Read More

Today is American Thanksgiving (the Canadian holiday being October 8th, this past year). Today has also just been a really good day, and I decided to come up with a list of things I’m thankful for. This is by no means exhaustive! A husband who is taking time out of his already-busy week to practice tabla, and sit with our Indian music teacher once a week for about 30 minutes to learn more…. Read More

These crossed my mind after Adam told me he & another staffer had been discussing successful adaptations to Woodstock/India, and especially staff spouse adjustments… so I started to think about what exactly it is that I’ve been doing that have really helped me. Look for something you’ve never done before, but wanted to – or you’re not sure you wanted to do – and find an opportunity for it. Here in India,… Read More

At first, I wanted to say “only in India”… and then I thought about it, and realised that no – it’s not “only in India”, it could have happened anywhere. The circumstances are different, the way it will be handled is different, but this is also in Canada and America, too. We’re having work done at South Hill (yay!), but to do that work… it appears they’ve had to demolish part of… Read More

It’s been one year – either way you count it (arriving in India, at Woodstock). It’s been a long, crazy, weird year, but I’m actually living with my husband, so I’d go through hell and high water to ensure that keeps happening. So.. one year later, things I’ve learned: Rhesus are really pains in the ass (I’ll be blunt). Aggressive, annoying bloody buggers. I was naive before. I’ve learned, after one of… Read More

It’s almost been 6 months since we’ve been here – we flew in just before American Thanksgiving, around 21 November 2010. Aside from a small handful of frustrating situations, we have no complaints, and are happy here (for a variety of reasons) – in my case, I know I’m happier than I could be in a Western country, but that’s because I’m a terrible American, etc. and so on. One thing about… Read More